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Can we help you to make Harrow greener? Flowers for Pinner's shopping centre.

Harrow Council have listened to shopkeepers in Pinner and Harrow in LEAF member Ted Bamford and have re-instated flowers to Pinner's shopping streets. On 22nd October 2014 workmen were attaching black plastic tubs to the street railings containing real flowers. Pinner gave the council a particular problem on a flower display solution due to their historic Charter that still allows a Fair to be held in the streets every year.
flowers back in Pinner
At the foot of the High St. Pinner
flowers back in Pinner
Looking towards Yummy Homes
So a big thankyou to Harrow Council, Pinner Shopkeepers and in particular our Ted.

If you have a horticultural project requiring support then click here for details on how we might be able to help with your project.

Published: 22nd October 2014

We are supporting Ted's "Bring flowers back to Pinner's shopping centre campaign".

The gradual loss of flowers in Pinner's Bridge Street and High Street over the years has so infuriated one local that he decided to act. Ted Bamford together with local shop Yummy Home have lobbied Harrow Council and requested support from other shops to make Pinner pretty again. It is understood that the Council have agreed to hang flowerpots with flowers (plastic!) on the lampposts.
flowers back in Pinner
Ted and Mike hard at work on Bridge Street Gardens
Ted sent us this update on his campaign:

"Pleased to say that this is the money raised so far, with kind donations from the following, as they appeared - cash in hand: Harrow in LEAF, Hilton the Butchers, Pinner News, Carters the Chemist, Panasonic, Hallmark, `Happy Days`. Thanks to a lady who passed on the information about our efforts, Mansi the florist are going to donate plants. The first circular plot was finished with the help of Eva an Austrian lady, who I may add works very long hours at a high pressure job, not with standing that, she took a course in Horticulture at the Open University and passed with high merits.

The Second and Third areas have been dug, thanks to the assistance of a really swell local artist, Mike Strudwick, paints your picture while he digs!

Now all that is needed is filtering the soil a little, and hopefully in the Easter week, blooms will blossom for all to see.

The seats around there would not feel ashamed if they had a new coat of paint. Why is Pinner so shabby?"

Ted is a Senior Allotmenteer at Cuckoo Hill Allotments, Pinner and is a long time supporter and member of Harrow in LEAF. If you want to help Ted, just look out for him working away and feel free to chat, join in or make a donation!

Published: 7th April 2014

Harrow in LEAF visit the Save Farm Terrace Allotment Campaigners, 20th Feb. 2014

Four representatives of Harrow in LEAF paid a visit to the Farm Terrace Allotments in Watford on 20th February 2014. The objective was to meet with fellow allotmenteers, to show support and to deliver a significant donation to their Save Farm Terrace Fighting Fund.

The Harrow in LEAF committee consider this to be a national issue as those councils that just 'do not get allotments', are closing down our allotment sites in favour of car parks and property developers. Thus taking land away from everyone and putting it into the hands of a few.
The Harrow in LEAF representatives were Judy Walker, Treasurer, Frances Goldingay, Secretary, Brian Vaughan, Membership Secretary/Photographer for the day and Ron Dickens, Newton Park Horticultural society.

Judy Walker, our Treasurer, presented a cheque for £500 to Sara Jane Trebar and Bob Wakeling, two of the campaigners planning a second legal attempt to stop Watford Council from closing their unique allotment site. They were extremely pleased with the size of the donation which helps them towards their £25,000 target for legal fees.

SFT picture
Judy Walker hands over our cheque to Sara Jane Treblar
SFT picture
Sara Jane admires our donation to their campaign.
It so happens that the BBC were on-site at Farm Terrace Allotments, filming an item for Inside Out - London entitled "Why are allotment holders taking on the Government to save their plots?". This will be broadcast on BBC1 on March 3rd 2014 at 7.30pm, please watch and you may see our representatives gate crashing and taking part in the filming. Don't blink though!

If you missed the broadcast you can now watch it on You Tube by clicking here......

We hope that you will feel that this is a big enough issue to spur you to support their campaign. After all, it is not just an issue for Watford but for all allotments nationally.

You can make a donation simply by clicking here: Save Farm Terrace Fighting Fund..

SFT picture
Harrow in LEAF take in the sunshine on the terrace with Save Farm Terrace Campaigners. In the background you may recognise the windows of the corporate entertainment area of Watford FC Stadium.

Published: 24th Feb 2014

The Great Allotment Challenge starts on 15th April 2014 with Fern Britton

allotment challenge
Click on image for Flyer pdf
This year Harrow in LEAF were approached by a TV production company to help find contestants for a new Allotment orientated program for BBC2. Applications closed on March 13th 2014.

Extract from e-mail:

I hope this email finds you well. I'm contacting you from Silver River Productions, a TV company based in London. We are currently in production for a BBC2 primetime gardening show 'The Big Allotment Challenge'.

The series follows a handful of talented amateur kitchen gardeners as they transform a plot of earth into a patch of beauty and reveal all the wonderful possibilities that can be unlocked from allotment growing. Kitchen gardening and growing your own produce is an amazing way to live and this series celebrates that.

We are looking for contestants to feature in the series, those who have the skill and dedication and who could dig their way to victory and be crowned the winner of The Big Allotment Challenge. People who can cultivate the perfect carrot, make their green tomatoes into award winning chutney and turn their dahlias and sweet peas into floral arrangements fit for a Queen.

So whether you're an allotmenteer, a city living window box grower, or a gardening enthusiast, we want to hear from you.

It couldn't be easier to apply; all you need to do is email grow@silverriver.tv for an application form. I've attached some flyers and it would be great if you would post them on your website, your social network or simply circulate them around colleagues, friends and family. Any help you can provide is greatly appreciated.

Published: 23rd Feb 2014

Your ideas on what to do with all that allotment or garden food produce!

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