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Cheese & Sweetcorn Pancakes
from Janet and Paul Tublin, Barton Way Allotments, Croxley Green.

As early members of Harrow in LEAF it is nice to know that Janet and Paul remain members after moving to Croxley Green.
Here is a recipe that won the taste test at their Barton Way Allotments' Open Morning held on July 14th 2012. These measurements make about 6-8 small pancakes or 3 large ones.

Scarecrow of the Year 2012, Barton Way Allotments
Cheese Sweetcorn Pancakes Cheese Sweetcorn Pancakes

115g self-raising flour
half a teaspoon baking powder
quarter of a teaspoon salt
quarter of a teaspoon mustard powder (optional)
55g of grated cheese
70g of fresh sweetcorn
1 small egg
150mls milk
A knob of butter


Sieve the flour, baking powder, salt and mustard powder into a large bowl and then stir in the grated cheese and the sweetcorn.

Lightly beat the egg and milk together and then gently stir in to the bowl to form a thick batter.

Melt the butter in a large frying pan until it is bubbling and drop large spoonfuls of the batter into the pan (space well apart).

Cook for about 3 minutes and then flip over for another 3 minutes until golden, then serve.

Cooking Time:

Preparation is about 15 mins.

Cooking time is about 6 mins.

Final Tip:

Best to make the batter in advance and refrigerate for about an hour as the mixture thickens nicely.

Works well with tinned or frozen sweetcorn, should you not have a good harvest of your own corn!

Published: 25th July 2012

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