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Fishy, Leeky and Mushie Pie
from Brian Vaughan, Cuckoo Hill Allotments.

So far I have not been able to grow my Leeks to the right size to try Ted's Wife's Leek and Ham bake dish. So here is a good way to use my not so well nourished and spindly leeks.

It includes making a standard Béchamel sauce (a useful skill to master anyway!).

For a luxury version add some large cooked prawns to the fish mix.

Brian's leeks by their bed
Brians Fishy Leeks
Ready for 30-35 mins in the oven

Ingredients (serves 3 or 4):

450g of mixed fishes e.g. salmon, smoked haddock, pollock
• The supermarkets sell a fish pie mix pack these days to make it easier
3 small leeks, cleaned and thinly sliced
100g sliced mushrooms
2 teaspoons of lemon juice
65g butter

For the Béchamel sauce (plus some of the butter):
1˝ tablespoons of plain flour
¼ pint of milk
¼ pint of fish stock or chicken stock
a pinch of herbs
freshly ground black pepper

For the topping:
675g of boiled potatoes, mashed with a little butter and milk
40g grated Cheddar cheese


Season the fish with salt, pepper and lemon juice.

Steam the fish for about 5 minutes.

Remove the skin and any bones then flake up the fish.

Melt 30g of the butter in a frying pan

Toss in the sliced leeks and mushrooms and cook slowly over a low heat until both are soft and tender

Now the Béchamel Sauce:

Melt the remaining butter in a sauce pan

Add the flour gradually to this whilst continuously stirring until all the white flour has gone

Slowly blend in the stock and milk over a medium heat

Continue stirring until the sauce comes to a boil and is thick and smooth

Add the herbs, salt and pepper, stir and simmer for 3 minutes

Build the pie:

At this point gently fold in the fish, leeks and mushrooms

Transfer the mix into a shallow baking dish

Now spread the mash potatoes on top and make your own artistic pattern using the back of a fork

Sprinkle the grated Cheddar cheese over the pie.

Cooking Time:

Place in an oven at 190 °C/375 °F (Gas Mk 5) and bake for 30-35 minutes until heated through and the top is crispy and golden brown.

Final Tips:

Place the baking dish on a baking tray or tin foil in case the sauce bubbles over during cooking.

Make sure that the milk and stock are just warm when making the Béchamel sauce.

Can be fully prepared and the final cooking process done when your guests arrive.

Freezes well, either before sprinkling cheese on or after cooking.

Published: 18th Feb 2012

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