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2012 Show Prize Winners         (Previous Years: 2011 , 2010 )    Beekeepers

Trophy Awarded for Winner
Banksian Medal most points in horticultural classes John Hillier
Alan Brooks Trophy second highest points in horticultural classes JW Harding
Vegetable Shield most points in vegetable classes John Hillier
National Vegetable Society Medal best vegetable exhibit Diana Dolman
Fruit Cup most points in fruit classes Aline Bowers
Flower Cup 1 most points in flower classes excluding dahlias Alan Graham
Flower Cup 2 best flower exhibit excluding dahlias Diana Dolman
Pot Plant Cup best pot plant Derek Osborne
Dahlia Cup most points in dahlia classes JW Harding
National Dahlia Medal best dahlia exhibit JW Harding
Dahlia Championship Cup best collection of 3 varieties of dahlia JW Harding
Cacti Cup most points in cacti classes Susan Kelly
Floral Art Cup best floral art exhibit Judy Earl
Wine Cup most points in wine and beer classes Margaret Mayes
Preserves Cup best preserves exhibit Judy Earl
Cookery Cup most points in cookery classes Marion Sharp
Craft Cup best craft exhibit Stephanie Devers
Painting Shield best painting exhibit Bruce Telfer
Photography Cup best photography exhibit Bob Watson
Top Vase First Prize
Alan Graham
Top Tray First Prize
Second Prize
Third Prize
John Barton
John Munford
J Salter
Inter-Society Cup best collection of vegetables, fruit, flowers, cookery and preserves Newton Park Horticultural Society
Junior Cup Best junior craft exhibit Ellie Merrigan
Harrow in LEAF Cup Society with most points overall Newton Park Horticultural Society
Diamond Jubilee Class Special one-off competition for 2012 - free choice Judy Earl

2012 Show Prize Winners: Honey, Mead and Beeswax

Cup Class Winner
GEC Cup Individual with highest points in Honey Section Bill Fitzmaurice
Rogers Cup Best Honey in Show Bill Fitzmaurice
Heather Cup Best Honey, any type or colour in Class 101 KC Sham
Harry Marsh Shield Novice with most points in classes 102 and 103 Rod Parker
Mrs Garbe Bowl Best large tablet of beewswax in Class 108 Jo Telfer
Wembley Cup Best sculpted beeswax exhibit in Class 111 Bill Fitzmaurice
Association Cup Best Honey Cake in Class 118 Judy Earl
Association Mead Cup Best Dry Mead in Class 115 Jo Telfer
Garbe Cup Best Sweet Mead in Class 116 Jo Telfer
Gardner Cup Best frame of honeycomb in section Tilman Marsh
Ernest Hayllar Trophy Best Bees in an observation hive Jo Telfer
John Harley Trophy Best Photograph in Class 121 Bill Fitzmaurice
Dr Timmin's Rosebowl Best display of products from a hive in Class 124 Judy Earl
HBKA Childrens Trophy Best Childrens painting/drawing in Class 123 not awarded
Zoe Puxley Cup Best Beeswax Candle Bill Fitzmaurice
BBKA Blue Ribbon Best Exhibit in section Bill Fitzmaurice

2012 Show Prize Winners - Photo Gallery

Bill_Beekeeper.jpg John Hillier Bill_Beekeeper.jpg Diana Dolman Bill_Beekeeper.jpg Alan Graham
JW_Harding.jpg J W Harding Derek_Osborne.jpg Derek Osborne Bill_Beekeeper.jpg Bill Fitzmaurice
069.jpg Susan Kelly Judy Earl.jpg Judy Earl 073.jpg Margaret Maues
075.jpg Marion Sharp 076.jpg Bruce Telfer 078.jpg Bob Watson
080.jpg John Munford 082.jpg John Slater 084.jpg Christine Salter
088.jpg Kwok C Sham 086.jpg Tilman Marsh Judy Earl again.jpg Judy Earl again
091.jpg Jo Telfer 096.jpg Ellie Merrigan 097.jpg Aline Bowers

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