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Harrow in LEAF's 19th Horticultural and Craft Show at the Headstone Village Show

August Bank Holiday Monday 26th 2024, from noon until 5.00pm

Competition Classes for exhibitors - OPEN TO ALL, anyone can enter:

RULES for 2024:           TOP VASE      TOP TRAY      PRINT RULES      PRINT ENTRY FORM

1 ELIGIBILITY - Entry is open to all. All horticultural exhibits must have been the exhibitor's property for at least three months - six months for cacti and pot plants. No time limit for flower arrangements, cookery and honey.

2 ENTRIES - All entries to be on the official entry form to be sent, along with the correct fees, to the Entries Secretary. One Free Pass to the show, for use by the exhibitor ONLY, will be issued on arrival to stage exhibits. This schedule and additional entry forms are also available at annualshow.harrowinleaf.org.uk.

3 EXHIBITS PER CLASS - No Exhibitor may enter more than one exhibit in any one class, except for entries in classes 32, 33 & 40, which must be dissimilar, and as specified in the honey, mead and beeswax section.
Exhibitors will not be entitled to more than one award in any one class.


Exhibitors are responsible for setting up their own exhibits.

Please watch our Exhibitors's Guide to Staging Video to understand the process

Exhibits to be brought on Sunday 25th between 1.00pm and 4.00pm and Monday 26th between 7.30am and 10.00am, preferably on the Sunday.

Please note, Headstone Manor & Museum will only allow vehicles on site, briefly, to drop off exhibits.

Trollies and helpers should be available to transport exhibits.
Exhibits must not bear any identifying marks.
The exhibitor should check the exhibit card on the table and replace it face down.
The vases provided must be used for floral classes 41-69 except for classes 43, 61, 64, 65, 67, 68, and 69.

On Monday judging will start at 10.15am

Exhibits can only be collected after 5pm, no vehicles on site until after 5.30pm.

5 EXHIBITORS FROM ONE GARDEN - Two or more persons from the same garden, allotment or plant house may not exhibit separately in any one class unless otherwise stated.

6 EXHIBITS NOT ACCORDING TO SCHEDULE - Exhibits that do not conform to the wording in the schedule or are entered in the wrong class will be disqualified. A judge will mark the entry card 'Not according to the Schedule'.

7 DONATED EXHIBITS - Any exhibits not cleared by 5.30pm on Monday will be treated as donated and will be disposed of by the Show Committee.

8 ALTERING EXHIBITS - After judging, no exhibit, or part of an exhibit, may be altered or removed until the end of the Show, except with permission of the Show Committee.

9 PROTESTS - Protests must be lodged with the Entries Secretary with a 1 deposit by 2pm Monday. This will be refunded if the protest is upheld.

10 WITHHOLDING PRIZES - Any awards may be withheld or modified if exhibits are considered not to be of an appropriate standard by the Judge.

11 CUPS AND TROPHIES - All cups and trophies awarded at the show must be safely returned to the Entries Secretary by 31st July 2025.

12 PRIZE DISTRIBUTION - This will take place at 4.30pm on Monday 26th August in the Show venue.
Cash prizes will be available from 3pm on that day from the Entries Secretary.
Uncollected cash prizes will be donated to show funds.

13 JUDGING - Exhibits will be judged according to 2016 RHS Rules, unless otherwise stated. The Judge's decision will be final on the merits of the exhibits. The Show Committee reserves the right to make decisions on any other points in dispute.


5 points
3 points
2 points

Very Highly Commended and Highly Commended 1 point 10p

Double points for Class 4 and 177
In the case of equal points, the Exhibitor with most FIRSTS will win.

Open Challenge Cup, Top Tray, Top Vase, Dahlia Championship and People's Choice awards are excluded from pointing.

15 NAMING OF EXHIBITS - Horticultural exhibits may be named if desired on cards which will be provided on request.

16 LIABILITY FOR LOSS - The show organisers will not be held responsible for any damage or loss to any person or property before, during or after the show howsoever caused.

17 A NOVICE is defined as an Exhibitor who has never won a first prize in the section in previous Harrow in LEAF Shows.

Any matters not covered by the above rules will be left to the discretion of the committee.

Mansi Flowers

Top Vase Simple Rules

Free Entry

Prize Vouchers

Mansi Flowers

1. The Top Vase class is for a vase of mixed flowering stems containing a total of between five and ten stems, taken from a minimum of two different kinds of plants. Please note that it is two different KINDS of plants; two varieties of the same plant are NOT two kinds.

2. The display will be judged out of a total of 35 points, split into 25 points for the colour, form, condition, quality and freshness of the flowers on display and 10 marks for the overall presentation and effect of the flowers in the vase. The vase will be viewed from all directions. Judging of the flowers should be to normal rules used for other Classes.

3. Stems used in the display must be showing flowers only; no seed heads or berries will be allowed.

4. The vase can be any shape and size and made from any material, but must be in proportion to the display. No marks are awarded for the vase itself.

5. No accessories, such as bows and additional foliage, will be allowed. Foliage which is growing naturally from the flowering stem, and still attached to the stem, is allowed. Packing material, including florist's foam, to keep the stems in place is allowed.

6. Prizes - sponsored by Mansi Florist, Pinner Green HA5 2AF

1st 10.00 voucher and Certificate

2nd 5.00 voucher

seeds of italy

Top Tray Simple Rules

Free Entry

Prize Vouchers

seeds of italy

1. This class is for a collection of three types of vegetables taken from the following list of fifteen, quantities as shown.

3 Onions
3 Potatoes
3 Courgettes
6 French beans
6 Pea (pods)
3 Red beets
2 Sweetcorn
6 Runner beans
2 Cauliflowers
3 Carrots
3 Peppers
2 Aubergines
3 Parsnips
6 Tomatoes
2 Cucumbers

Carrots and parsnips must have foliage trimmed to 7.5cm. Peas and beans must have stalk attached. Tomatoes must have their calyces.

Each individual type of vegetable will be judged out of a total of 20 points.
This is split into three sections: 7 points for size, shape and colour, 7 points for condition and 6 points for uniformity.
The overall mark will be out of a total of 60.

2. All vegetables are to be displayed for effect. The vegetables must be displayed within an area of 45cm by 60cm (18" x 24"), without bending any part of them. No part of the exhibit may exceed the size of the tray. A tray or board of these dimensions may be used to display the vegetables, or the area can simply be marked on the staging. Where a tray has a lip or edge, it is the internal measurements that must not exceed 45cm by 60cm (18" x 24").

3. A black cloth is permitted, and the tray may be painted.
Parsley is allowed for garnishing, but no other foliage or accessories, such as plates, sand, rings and so on, will be allowed.
Onion tops may be tied or whipped using raffia or string

4. Prizes - sponsored by Seeds of Italy Ltd., Harrow

1st 10.00 voucher and Certificate

2nd 5.00 voucher

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Harrow in LEAF - Exhibitor's Staging Guide

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