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Allotment Associations & Horticultural Groups in Harrow, Middlesex

Harrow in LEAF's 13th Horticultural and Craft Show at the Headstone Village Show

August Bank Holiday Monday 28th 2017, from noon until 5.00pm

Competition Classes for exhibitors - OPEN TO ALL, anyone can enter:



Wines must be shown in plain, clear glass standard bottles with shoulders (slightly green-tinted bottles will be accepted) approx 26 fluid oz capacity
Wine bottles should be filled to leave an air space of between ¼" and ¾"
Stoppers for wines must be cork with flanged white plastic tops
Beer must be shown in 1 pint or 500ml standard brown beer bottles,with gold crown cork seals
Cider to be in clear glass bottles, 500ml or more
Beer bottles should be filled to leave an air space of approx ½" to 1"
Wines, beers and ciders must have been made by the exhibitor by the process of fermentation and must contain no added alcohol
A label will be provided by the Show Committee showing only the Class number and the Exhibitor number and should be affixed between the seams and 1" from the bottom of the bottle.


104 COLLECTION of three bottles, one red, one white and one rosé
105 TABLE WINE, red, dry, one bottle
106 AFTER DINNER WINE, red, sweet, one bottle
107 TABLE WINE, rosé medium, one bottle
108 TABLE WINE, white to golden, dry, one bottle
109 TABLE WINE, white to golden, sweet, one bottle
110 LAGER or BEER, one bottle
111 CIDER, any type, one bottle
112 LIQUEUR, labelled according to style, Fruit base, Chocolate/Coffee base or Herb/Spice base

Thank you to our supporters:

Once again, we offer a big thank you to our Show Schedule sponsors, and hope that you can support them too as they are important to us.
Please take a look at their ads on this page and visit their websites for further details.

John's Mature Manure
John's Mature Manure
Franchi Seeds of Italy
Franchi - Seeds of Italy
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Brian Cox Estate Agents, Harrow
signity jewellers
Signity Jewellers

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Mr. Fothergill's Seeds Ltd.
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DT Brown Seed Merchants

Our Show Contacts:

A full list of our Show Contacts can be found on our Home Page

Competition Classes:

• The People's Choice

• Vegetables

• Vegetables - Top Tray

• Fruit

• Flowers

• Flowers - Top Vase

• Floral Art

• Home Preserves Section

• Cookery Section

• Wine, Beer, Cider

• Inter-Society Open Challenge Cup

• Crafts Section

• Photography Section

• Paintings Section

• Junior Section

• Honey, Mead and Beeswax

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