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In June the cuckoo changes his tune - and adjusts his iPod.

If you have shown patience you can really get planting. The bedding plants have been hardened off and should now be given their summer positions. Lovely flowers will appear soon, but oh that watering! Hanging Baskets must be kept moist at all times, which means watering every day even if you have prepared them well and put water retaining crystals in them, and, too, the slow release fertilizer. The choice of plants for putting in hanging baskets increases yearly and there is a trailing variation of nearly every flower. Trailing Geraniums are a firm favourite as they do not seem as thirsty as other flowers.

Dahlias if they were not planted at the end of May can be planted. And trained to produce prize winning blooms. When they are 38-45 cm (15-18 inches) tall the growing tip should be pinched out and the side shoots limited to five or six and the flower buds reduced to one per shoot.

Harvest begins: broad beans, early carrots, spring onions, beetroot, radish and rhubarb.

Make the most of your rhubarb as next month you have to stop cutting and feed the plant and let it recover for next season.

Pick all soft fruit as it becomes available and put protective material around strawberries to help them to stay clean.

Thin overcrowded apples, towards the end of the month.

Keep an eye out self sown seedlings: elm, sycamore, holly. Catch them small and they are easy to remove

What a lot of work to do, water, water and as Long John Silver said “ Hoe, Hoe” but no bottle of rum!

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